Juhudi Labs Clean Energy Program featured in new publication

EuropeanDialogueCoverIn September 2014 Juhudi Kilimo was shortlisted for the 5th European Microfinance Award. The 10 semi-finalists have now been featured in the latest issue of a European Microfinance Platform publication, which is on the topic “Microfinance and the Environment”.

Our submission was about the Juhudi Labs Clean Energy Program, which uses microloans to increase the reach and uptake of environmentally friendly energy products, such as clean cookstoves, solar lamps and biogas digesters.

While Juhudi Kilimo’s core business is financing dairy cows, chickens, greenhouses, and other income-generating agricultural assets, we see loans for small and medium renewable energy assets as an additional means to alleviate the time and energy poverty that afflict most of our farmer clients.

Launched at the beginning of 2014, by March of the same year the Juhudi Labs Clean Energy Program had reached 425 rural households and had reduced their biomass consumption by at least 50%. Over the subsequent year, the Clean Energy Program went on to finance hundreds of renewable energy assets, bringing the total number of households reached so far to 2,300.

The Juhudi Labs Clean Energy Program is a joint effort between Juhudi Kilimo and Micro Energy Credits.

To read the full “Microfinance and the Envionment” report in Issue No. 7 of European Dialogue, click here.


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